What Corporations to Target?

We call on people to target corporations that are part of the American Legislative Exchange Council which is a prime example of the way corporations buy off legislators and craft legislation that serves the interests of corporations and not people. They used it to create the anti-labor legislation in Wisconsin and the racist bill SB 1070 in Arizona among so many others. They use ALEC to spread these corporate laws around the country.

Almost all of the biggest corporations are part of ALEC including ExxonMobil, Bank of America, BP, Monsanto, Pfizer, and Wal-Mart. You can find a full list of ALEC corporations on the Source Watch website. You can also find a list of all the politicians that are involved in ALEC, many of whom will be state legislators from your area.

We will be discussing the coordination of this action with the participants, but in general we believe that nonviolent direct actions will be most effective if carried out:

(1) At the corporate headquarters of ALEC board members (see below for a list and locations)

(2) At regional or administrative offices of corporations that are part of ALEC. We would encourage choosing the worst of the worst to demonstrate how these corporations destroy our communities, environment and democracy both on their own and through ALEC. You can find a list of corporations that are members of ALEC from Source Watch. You can find many of these locations using CrocTail.

Or if the prior two aren’t possible then (3) at local office or outlets of corporations that are part of ALEC, again choosing the worst of the worst.


Here is the list of ALEC Corporate Board members and their headquarters:


Pfizer – NY, NY
Reed Elsevier – New York, NY
Johnson and Johnson – New Brunswick, NJ
Bayer Corp – Pittsburgh, PA (also in Toronto and Montreal for North American HQ)
CenterPoint 360 – Greenwich, CT
Diageo – Norwalk, CT
GlaxoKlineSmith – Philadephia, PA and Raleigh-Durham, NC


State Farm Insurance – Bloomington, IL
Kraft Food – Norfield, IL
Koch Industries – Wichita, KS


Reynolds American – Winston, Salem, NC
Wal-Mart – Bentonville, AK
PhRMA – Washington, DC
Peabody Energy – St. Louis, MO
Altria Group – Richmond, VA
American Bail Coalition – Fairfax, VA
Coca-Cola – Atlanta, GA
UPS – Atlanta, GA
AT&T – Dallas, TX
Energy Future Holdings – Dallas, TX
ExxonMobil – Irving, TX


Intuit, Inc. – Mountain View, CA
Salt River Project – Tempe, AZ and Mesa, AZ