Coordinated Pickets

National Picket Coordination

We want to work collectively on this day of action with the participating organizers and groups. We hope that the organizing of this day of action can create a network of picketing committees that can collectively make national calls to action in the future.

National Coordination Conference Calls

We will be having a series of national conference calls to coordinate the #M08 Bank of America picket. Please join us on these calls. We will be talking about national coordination, sharing important information and resources and identifying areas that local actions need assistance with. The next call will be Thursday (4/28) to talk about what people need at 6:00 PM PST/9:00 PM EST. Register for the call on this link: MakeBoAPay!

Actions throughout the country and the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Facebook events:

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BoA 2013 SHAREHOLDER MEETING: BREAK UP WITH BANK OF AMERICA! www.ncagainstcorporatepower.org

More coming soon! Get your group to join, your organization to endorse or otherwise participate in this call to action. Any organization or affinity group interested in this action should join this call. Once you know you will be participating pleaseĀ  with info about your city or organization so that we can add the details to the website and help people plug in locally!