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If you want your local Occupy, organization or group added to the list of participants please fill out the form below. Please include a link to your web site and if possible a link confirming that your General Assembly has passed the resolution in support of the F29 Shut Down the Corporations day of action. As you have more information about how people in your area can plug in to your action please pass them along so that we can include them here. If the contact form does not work for some reason please email this info to join@shutdownthecorporations.org.

There are two levels of involvement. (1) Participating and planning an action. This is very much what we would prefer that you do, this is a call for coordinated nonviolent direct action. The day will only be successful in occupations and organization take action on F29. (2) Endorsing and spreading the word. That being said we understand not every organization is in the position to do this, and spreading the word and endorsing the action is a way to support this day of action as well. By endorsing we ask that you email your lists, post on your social media accounts and assist in any other way possible. Please indicate the type of involvement below.

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