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2.29.12 Press Release – 70 Cities Nationwide Stand up to Corporate Greed and ALEC: National Day of Action to Resist the Selling Out of the 99%Espanol

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F29 Selected Press

NPR (3.3.12) – Occupy May Seem To Be Receding, But Look Closer

In These Times (3.2.12) – Spring Preview: Protesters Nationwide Occupy Corporations, Education

The Indypendent (3.2.12) – Evict Us, We Multiply

Salon (3.1.12) – Occupy invades “America’s storage shed”

Salon (3.1.12) – Occupy’s day of action: A step, if not a leap

International Business Times (3.1.12) – Occupy Wall Street Roars Back

Truthout (3.1.12) – A Tale of Two Protests: Shut Down the Corporations in Portland and Tucson

PR Watch (3.1.12) – Occupy Wall Street Outs ALEC Corporations

The Day – Connecticut (3.1.12) – Eight arrested during protest at Pfizer plant

Salt Lake City Tribune (3.1.12) – Occupy Salt Lake moves from camping to acting

The Modern Times Magazine(3.1.12) – Occupy Phoenix Recaptures Magic

Wall Street Journal (2.29.12) – NYC Occupy protesters target banks, pharma giant

Huffington Post (2.29.12) – Occupy Wall Street Protests ALEC In What Activists Call Largest Coordinated Occupy Event This Year

The Financial Times (UK) (2.29.12) – Occupy protesters look to regain momentum

Mother Jones (2.29.12) – Occupy Rallies Against Powerful Right-Wing Group You’ve Never Heard Of

Portland Mercury (2.29.12) – Occupy’s Anti-Corporation F29 Protest Hits the Streets

The Examiner (NYC) (2.29.12) – Occupy Wall Street protests outside Pfizer’s New York City offices

The Washington (DC) Examiner (2.29.12) – Occupy DC protesters arrested outside Monsanto

NY Times (2.29.12) – Arrests and Protests With New Occupy Wall St. Push

Metro (NYC) (2.29.12) – #F29: Occupy Wall Street strikes back

Free Speech Radio News (2.29.12) – Occupy protesters draw attention to corporate influence in politics with focus on lobbying group

Huffington Post (2.28.12) – Occupy Denver, In Solidarity With More Than 90 Other Cities, Will Hold Anti-ALEC Rally, Tour Of Denver

PR Watch (2.25.12) – Occupy Movement Set to Target ALEC Corporate Members F29

Portland Mercury (2.23.12) – Great Leap Forward: Portland’s Call for Protest Helps Shape National Occupy Agenda

Common Dreams (2.21.12) – Occupy Movement Targets Corporate Interest Group with Ties to Legislators: American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will face ire of the 99%

Guardian UK (2.20.12) – Occupy movement targets corporate interest group with ties to legislators

Reuters (2.15.12) – With camps gone, US Occupiers prepare for new fights

NY Times (2.12.12) – Occupy Movement Regroups, Preparing for Its Next Phase

NPR (2.1.12) – Occupy Movement Uses Colder Months To Unite