Unions and Worker Rights

Unions have long fought to protect workers against the greed of the 1%. Over one hundred years of labor struggle eliminated child labor in the US, provided for a 40 hour work week, and created many other victories that have been systematically undermined over the last four decades. At the forefront of this effort has been ALEC and ALEC corporations. They have sought to undermine worker rights, eliminate the ability for unions to organize and otherwise erode the conditions of working people everywhere.

ALEC has developed model legislation that would has directly attacked union or eroded worker rights:

  • ALEC has targeted in particular the Midwest states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. ALEC has model antiunion laws, which aims to make it harder to be a union and easier for workers not to pay the costs of collective bargaining or union political activity. This includes The Right to Work Act, which eliminates employee obligation to pay the costs of collective bargaining, the Public Employer Payroll Deduction Act, which bars automatic dues collection and the Voluntary Contribution Act, which stops the use of dues for political activity.
  • This spring states introduced over 500 of these bills across the United States.
  • The bill, Wisconsin Act 10, stripping public employee unions of collective bargaining in Wisconsin last year has its roots in this ALEC model legislation.




The following is a list of ALEC-member corporations involved in the attack on workers in the United States.

Koch Industries – The largest privately held corporation in the world. The two brothers owning the corporations have been at the forefront of attacks on workers through ALEC, the funding of right-wing candidates, and in other capacities.


For this particular issue there are not as many worst offenders as others, only because all corporations are acting to undermine the rights of workers in their pursuit of greed and profit at the expense of all else – go here for a full list of ALEC corporations.