Prison Industrial Complex

Under the guise of being “tough on crime,” ALEC has developed and pushed an agenda for the benefit of for-profit corporations involved the US prison system. The result is an inflation of prison populations, institutionalized racism and classism, the rise of for-profit “correctional facilities,” and an increase in crimes and recidivism rates. The United States now has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

ALEC has developed model legislation that would:

  • Create obstacles to non-prison corrections alternatives, such as community-based corrections programs. These programs reduce prison population in favor of other methods, which directly affects the profits of private prison ventures.
  • Increase sentences for any drug offenses, through a “mandatory minimum” sentencing model.
  • Expand the list of offenses that an individual must pay a for-profit bail bondsman for release. This would directly benefit the bail bond industry.
  • Make theft from three separate retail businesses a felony. This serves both to benefit ALEC’s retail members, such as Wal-Mart, as well as for-profit prison ventures.




The following list is just a microcosmic look at a few ALEC-member corporations involved in the Prison Industrial Complex and decline of justice in the United States.

Corrections Corporation of America – The largest for-profit prison system in the US. CCA contracts with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the US Marshall Service, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement and runs over 60 prisons in over 20 states. Through ALEC, CCA was responsible for Arizona’s infamous SB1070 anti-immigration law, which would increase detainment and incarceration rates.


GEO Group – The second largest for-profit prison corporation in the US. GEO Group has ties to Arizona’s SB1070 anti-immigration law.