F29 Wrap Up – 80+ Actions Around the Country and in Mexico

March 1st, 2012 | Posted by admin in Info

Yesterday’s actions were an enormous success! ALEC has been brought out of the shadows and into the light and corporate power was challenged from coast to coast.

As an overview, the actions today varied from sit-ins and pickets to street theater and banner drops. There were many creative actions including a foreclosure on Citibank, a “Corporate Debutant Ball” in Salt Lake City, teach-ins in Norman, OK and Naples, FL, actions targeting Pfizer, the Koch Brothers and Bank of America in New York, and a delicious Ice Cream Bloc in Oakland. Three distribution centers of Wal-Mart were shut down in a coordinated southern California action, as well as the World Corporate Headquarters of Pfizer in Connecticut. Further ALEC corporations targeted included Monsanto in Washington D.C., AT&T in Kansas City, MO and Atlanta, an action at the BP trial in New Orleans, Bank of America in Charlotte, PNM in Alburqurque, Altria in Richmond, and Peabody Coal in St. Louis. Dozens of other cities took action as part of F29 including Denver, Minneapolis, Louisville, Winston-Salem, and many others. We are proud to say the tone of the actions today remained jubilant and focused even in the face of police repression.

Full details of the coordinated actions and a wrap-up video will be forthcoming. Please send additional videos to video@shutdownthecorporations.org and tag photos with #F29. Here is a gallery of photos from actions around the country:

Video of Actions in Portland:

Portland Action Lab would like to thank those that submitted material to the liveblog, as well as OPDXlive and others who helped to keep track of today’s successful actions. Special thanks to Adam Rothstein and the Portland Occupier for live blogging the actions throughout the day. We would also like to thank all the participants in each city in the United States and globally who came out to show solidarity and coordinated action against ALEC.

This is just the beginning. This movement will continue to grow and challenge both ALEC and corporate power. We will reclaim our voices and create a more just and sustainable future.

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